Your Englewood Auto Body Shop

If your vehicle was involved in an accident and you are looking for an Englewood auto body shop that you can trust to do expert collision repairs, Young’s Auto Body & Collision Repair, LLC is the place to turn to. In business since 2000, we take pride in having some of the most highly skilled technicians in the industry.

Advanced Technology Means Top Quality Workmanship

While Young's can work on any vehicle regardless of model and make, we are especially equipped to deal with late model vehicles and the extensive technology they use from computer chips, to highly advanced fuel and emission systems. All of our employees are trained in the proper repair of new vehicles and their complex systems.

Young's Auto Body Shop & Collision Repair, LLC has the most advanced diagnostic equipment and technology at its disposal to aid technicians in repair of late model vehicles. We also use the Stellix management system that keeps us up-to-date on the status of every vehicle being manufactured today.

During accidents, the frame of your vehicle can be damaged and get out of alignment, causing problems in other areas of the car. To repair your frame or unibody, we also have special equipment such as the Car-O-Liner frame machine to get it back in alignment. With our Vision X 3 Computerized Measuring Systems, we are able to precisely align your frame to restore the car to factory condition.

Insurance Work

In addition to our state of the art repair equipment, we also us the advanced Audatex Estimating System to provide the most accurate estimates for your repairs. With this system, there will be no big surprises when you get your bill. Since most collision repair situations involve an insurance company, Young's can help by negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf to get your vehicle properly repaired. Whether it is your insurance company or the insurer of another party who has damaged your vehicle, we will make sure you get proper compensation to get your vehicle back in shape.

Our Englewood auto body shop guarantees our labor on all of our automotive repair services. Whatever damage your vehicle has sustained, if it is at all possible to be repaired, we are the masters.

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