It’s almost year-end and the fallen leaves will soon be replaced by snow. The snow in cold places like Englewood, Colorado alters the roads, which makes driving in such weather tricky and dangerous. Aside from making sure they have an Englewood auto body repair contact to go to in case of vehicle trouble, drivers have plenty of things to take note of when driving in winter:

Hail Damage

Englewood is part of the greater Denver metropolis. Thus, the area experiences a climate similar to that of the Mile High City, albeit on a lesser scale. As hail is a natural occurrence in Denver, it is very likely that vehicles in Englewood get drops of solid ice, causing dents on the body of the cars. There are ways to solve this issue. One of the quick fixes one can do at home is to allow the sun to shine brightly upon the dent, as the heat from the sun will force the metal surface to expand and hopefully pop the dent out. Car dent repair kits are also available for smaller dent repairs.

Car Heating

Englewood has below zero temperatures during the peak of winter, so drivers will naturally set their heating systems high in order to keep warm. Overutilization and the harsh outdoors can take a toll on the system, and can cause it to take longer than usual to warm the interiors to a comfortable temperature. The problem can be solved by checking three areas: the amount of antifreeze present in the vehicle, the presence of leaks in the radiator hose, and the condition of the thermostat. Addressing these issues accordingly will ensure a better heating system when the cold season begins.

Wheel Alignment

The presence of snow makes the roads a little harder to handle, and improper handling of the vehicle can cause the wheel alignment to bend. Improper wheel alignment will affect tire performance, which, in turn, will make the vehicle unsafe for the road. To ensure proper wheel alignment, one must be aware of the factors that could change its condition, such as obstructions in the road that the wheels hit or new suspension components that need to be fixed. These situations will make the difference between a merry and a sorry winter drive. Drivers can consult Englewood auto body repair shops like Young’s Auto Body & Collision Repair, LLC to address these issues.